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Remix Series - DMT Berzerk

by Parralox

Ancient Times Written by John von Ahlen Verse 1 Don’t listen to voices in the dark We fear them but fear it never lasts Pre Chorus In ancient times I crossed the lines for you I touched your mind and hoped to find a truth Chorus Is this the end, I keep on falling apart Ohh ohh In love again, don’t keep on breaking my heart Ohh ohh Verse 2 No longer will terror grip my heart Sad parting but sadness never lasts Pre Chorus 2 In ancient times I crossed the lines for you I touched your mind and hoped to find a truth Nothing is easy now Repeat Chorus Middle 8 Please spare a little time for me Pity for the fool with the hole in your heart When dawn breaks I know I will be Curled up all alone and afraid in the dark
Change Of Heart Written by John von Ahlen Chorus Ah! I don’t know if I really believe it How everything is falling apart Maybe it was time to be leaving? Cos I guess you had a change of heart Verse 1 I can’t shake the feeling You keep me believing Monday was a brand new start And you played your part Pre Chorus It won’t be long, till you sing this song! Time will mend a broken heart And I can maybe a brand start And so, maybe... Verse 2 You don’t know the feeling You stopped me believing Tuesday with a broken heart And I played the part Middle 8 A conscience on the run it doesn’t seem like very fun But the child inside of you it seems to share a different view Many different men have acted shameful in the past But when Karma takes a bite you’ll see that I am right and maybe...
Hotter Written by John von Ahlen Chorus You're just what I'm looking for I just wish you looked a little bit hotter We could be so perfect together What a shame you aren't a little bit hotter Verse 1 What a shame we didn’t meet like this before I'm waiting for The one next door Pre Chorus Think twice we're all the same in different ways But sometimes it pays To go your separate ways Repeat Chorus Verse 2 So much time, it passes by from day to day But it's okay Just look the other way Repeat Pre Chorus Repeat Chorus
Isn't It Strange Written by John von Ahlen Verse 1 Isn't it strange, the moment we met? The passion we felt, the lack of regret I stare at a photo sent over a week ago And isn't it strange, how quickly we fell? Chorus Now isn't it strange when the world you knew Is tumbling down, into something new Now don't be afraid it's the moment You lived your life for It's Heaven and Hell, and we all play a part I'm watching my perfect world fall apart The changes are here, I won't fight what I lived my life for Verse 2 Isn't it strange, whenever it rains? The message it sends, to the heart and the brain Then suddenly I am feeling the terror climb And isn't it strange how a memory fades?
Sharper Than A Knife Written by John von Ahlen Verse 1 It was only a matter of time Before I had to say goodbye Johnny 7 knows I'm right We talk about it all the time Pre Chorus I told you lies, I even compromised I tell you I'll never feel that way again Chorus Why did you try to change me I thought you'd realise? It took me so long, but now that you're gone I'm fine! You hurt me so bad, I don't know if you can understand That your love cut me sharper than a knife Verse 2 Now I hope you understand Biggest person in the land That is something you are not My self respect is all I've got Repeat Pre Chorus Repeat Chorus
So Special Written by John von Ahlen Verse 1 When I see you I go kind of mental and All I know is that you are good for me Even broken I still, I still want you and And I do know that, That there's something so special about you Pre Chorus I'm coming on home, don't keep me waiting too long baby That there's something so special about you Chorus Tell me, now do you feel it too? (Please don't keep me waiting, now I'm here for you) So special, it's all because of you (I got the feeling, and I, know you feel it too) Tell me, now do you feel it too? (Now I have you I can't, get enough of you) It's so special, I'm coming home to you (In the whole world there is, no one just like you) Verse 2 When I'm waiting I go kind of crazy and I can't stop thinking a-bout where you are In my mind I see the holiness of you And I do know that, That there's something so special about you Repeat Pre Chorus Repeat Chorus Middle 8 Even though I know it's true I won't hide my love for you
Supermagic Written by John von Ahlen Verse 1 Call my number, I need a friend Let’s stay together, be there till the end Pre Chorus I go, go, go, go I’m crazy for your love and it’s starting to show There’s something you should know Know, know, know I got you on my mind And I’m ready to go Chorus Supermagic is what you’ve always been to me You’re taking me so higher Higher than a love should ever be Verse 2 New sensation, I need it again Supernatural, get out of my head Repeat Pre Chorus Repeat Chorus Middle 8 Don’t let me go, don’t leave me, be mine tonight There’s no radio and no TV, it’s gonna be alright
The Hunger Written by John von Ahlen Chorus Give me someone who can show me what is real Give me someone who is feeling what I feel When the hunger starts to show And the hurting starts to grow And I feel there’s nothing left in the world Verse 1 Find my life, even though I try Try to stay alive Even though I Though I find a light Maybe I was right Hope is never undone I pray Repeat Chorus Verse 2 Why should I Have to start the fire Maybe there is someone Waiting for the, for the time when I Dare to speak my mind Going undercover again! Repeat Chorus Middle 8 Maybe I deserve the loneliness The feeling of just one caress Is something that I need to find But somehow in the emptiness There is a feeling I am blessed But still I want to find someone
Voyager / Voyager II Written by John von Ahlen Verse 1 I feel the pressure when you watch me Asking the question, please don't stop me Watching the clock, you are waiting Waiting for something, you are leaving Chorus Voyager, come to me now Voyager, come to me now now now Voyager, come to me now Voyager, come to me now Verse 2 Alone at night, can you feel me? Terror tonight, feel the screaming Dreaming awake, that's when I see Nothing in place, no more feeling


In this 4th installment of our "Remix Series" Mexican synthpop maestro DMT Berzerk has created an incredible collection of remixes of Parralox tracks which feature Roxy, Amii and Louise Love on lead vocals.

This release features the Extended Remixes.
A Limited Edition CD of this release was also included with the Holiday '18 CD Bundle but included the Standard Remixes, which are different from the Extended Remixes on this Digital Release.
The artwork for the Limited Edition was also different to the Digital Release.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Electronically Yours,

Johanna, John and Louise.


released November 21, 2018

All tracks remixed by DMT Berzerk (Mexico City, Mexico)

Producer - John von Ahlen
Engineer - Juan del Toro
Synthesizer - John von Ahlen

Vocals by Roxy (5)
Vocals by Amii (1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8)
Vocals by Louise Love (9)
Vocals by John von Ahlen (1, 2, 3, 4, 8)

01. Ancient Times (DMT Berzerk Extended Remix)
02. Change of Heart (DMT Berzerk Extended Remix)
03. Hotter (DMT Berzerk Extended Remix)
04. Isn’t it Strange (DMT Berzerk Extended Remix)
05. Sharper Than a Knife (DMT Berzerk Extended Remix)
06. So Special (DMT Berzerk Extended Remix)
07. Supermagic (DMT Berzerk Extended Remix)
08. The Hunger (DMT Berzerk Extended Remix)
09. Voyager (DMT Berzerk Extended Remix)

Remixed by DMT Berzerk aka Dimitri Berzerk (Mexico City, Mexico)

Cover Model - Marcella Detroit
Photography - John von Ahlen

Creative Director - Steve Monroe
Camera Assistant - Rodney Dekker
Makeup Artist - Stephanie Elkington
Wigs & Couture - Steve Monroe
Faux Fur supplied by Gun Shy Designs c/o Kathryn Jamieson.
Oil Paintings c/o Raffaella Torrenson
Location - Blue Tree Studios. Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Graphic Design - John von Ahlen

© 2018 Tunecore Publishing
℗ 2018 Subterrane Records

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