Electricity (Expanded)

by Parralox

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[2014.10.31] [Digital] [PLOX 014]
& [CD] [CRCD PLOX 14]
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Argamae One of the best electro pop albums out there (yes, it's that good) gets expanded with a capital E. Over 2 hours worth of fat synths, powerful drum machines, thumping bass sequencers, wonderful melodies, and high class vocals. If you couldn't get enough of ELECTRICITY then this will quench your thirst for good. I am hard pressed to think of a better value for your 15 aussie bucks (about 10 Euros). This album is unavoidable! Favorite track: I Fell In Love With A Drum Machine (Expanded).


Expected and finally in fandom long awaited!
The debut album of PARRALOX has been released in a limited double CD "Electricity (Expanded)" edition with many unreleased and exclusive extended versions, demos and remixes on conzoom Records.
This digital download version includes all the Expanded Mixes that couldn't fit onto the CD's due to the space limitations.

Includes Special PDF Booklet!!


released October 31, 2014

Produced and written by John von Ahlen.
Vocals by Roxy and John von Ahlen.
Engineered by Juan del Toro.
Recorded at Subterrane Studio, Melbourne, Australia.

© 2008 Tunecore Publishing
℗ 2008 Subterrane Records

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Parralox Melbourne, Australia

If ever there was a new electronic pop band to encapsulate and emulate the legendary stylings of Depeche Mode, The Human League, Erasure, New Order, Pet Shop Boys and the spirit of Madonna in her 80s day-glo era, then Australia’s Parralox are that modern-day reincarnation. ... more


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Track Name: Europa (Expanded)
(John von Ahlen)

Verse 1
Meanwhile, in Utopia
Congratulations that we've come so far
It's a pleasure to meet you finally!
You have guided our very destiny

Flying back from Jupiter
Through the portal, we can see the stars
A precious memory, of what we used to be
Now Europa is so far away

Pre Chorus
Times passes by, and it's beautiful
Don't be afraid, this was made for you

Europa , we need you, we need you
Europa , we need you, we need you

Verse 2
Manipulation, is our master plan
Your genetics we rearrange by hand
Atomic structure it's very simple
To recreate you, like we always do

You are our children, we did what's best for you
We gave you pleasure, we gave you lots to do
Now look around you, time is running out
Are we dreaming, it's so hard to say

Repeat Pre Chorus

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Black Jeans (Expanded)
Black Jeans
(John von Ahlen)

Verse 1
I wear black jeans, when I'm home
I wear black jeans, on the phone
But when my black jeans get too tight
I think that maybe I just might
Leave my black jeans on!

Pre Chorus
Debutante, she's alone
Don't cry now I'm coming home

In my black jeans [oh oh]
You make me feel so good
In my black jeans [ohh]
Like I knew you would

Verse 2
I wear black jeans, on my ass
I wear black jeans, when I dance
You see me walking down the street
And wonder if we'll ever meet
I wear black jeans, cos I can!
Track Name: Electricity (Expanded)
(John von Ahlen)

Verse 1
You turn me on and on, you know I like it
Promise that you'll never stop, dont’cha fight it
When you know you are the one with the touch
Please don’t ever, ever stop it means so much
You turn me on and on, you know I like it

Pre Chorus 1
Shine your light on me

Just hold on, it’s okay
The rain will fall another day
Don't be scared I'm always there
I'll always stand right by your side

Verse 2
Tenderness is what you’ve got, that's a given
Even though I know you’re wrong, you are forgiven
Sometimes I get mad I know, it's a fault
Then it hits me hard just like a thunder bolt
Now you got me in the mood, in the rhythm

Pre Chorus 2
Wonderful and free

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: I Fell In Love With A Drum Machine (Expanded)
I Fell In Love With A Drum Machine
(John von Ahlen)

Verse 1
I dream I'm electric when I dream of you (I dream I'm electric)
And there's a connection do you feel it too (I can feel the connection)
The night is approaching it's coming on strong (The night approaches so quickly)
The night is electric we can do no wrong (Electricity)

You don't' love me, like I love you
And you don't need me, like I need you

Somebody tell me this is just a dream
I fell in love with a drum machine!

Verse 2
Don't tell me I'm crazy I know that I'm not (Don't tell me I'm crazy)
It's simply a case of "I Love You Too Much" (I love you my LinnDrum)
These feelings I have they do make me confused (Why don't you tell me you love me)
I've never before had my love refused (I don't understand)

Repeat Bridge
Repeat Chorus
Repeat Chorus
Repeat Bridge
Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Eastern Wall (Expanded)
Eastern Wall
(John von Ahlen)

Verse 1
We all need some direction
When things are getting grey
I don't believe in miracles
To take away the pain

A promise made then broken
Can devastate the world
I reach my hand to hold you then
In case you never heard

And slowly the walls they will tumble down
They fall upon the eastern ground
Where soldiers marched and people cried in Berlin
I wonder, if all those who went away
Will come again some other day
I'd really like to meet them, and greet them

Verse 2
Don't you feel the pressure
It's building every day
We need to make impressions
But don't know what to say?

The man machines are watching
They watch your every move
The only way to satisfy
Is for you to remove

Then slowly the walls they will tumble down
They fall upon the eastern ground
Where soldiers marched and people cried in Berlin
In Berlin........

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Sharper Than A Knife (Expanded)
Sharper Than A Knife
(John von Ahlen)

Verse 1
It was only a matter of time
Before I had to say goodbye
Johnny 7 knows I'm right
We talk about it all the time

Pre Chorus
I told you lies, I even compromised
I tell you
I'll never feel that way again

Why did you try to change me I thought you'd realise?
It took me so long, but now that you're gone I'm fine!
You hurt me so bad, I don't know if you can understand
That your love cut me sharper than a knife

Verse 2
Now I hope you understand
Biggest person in the land
That is something you are not
My self respect is all I've got

Repeat Pre Chorus

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Lovely (Expanded)
(John von Ahlen)

Verse 1
I met you on Thursday, and yes it seemed so long ago
You cruel heart was melting, I thought you needed someone to hold

Pre Chorus
You don't seem to be the real deal
Completely at the mercy of your
never ending lies, I don’t why I hang around

You just want me around because I'm lovely
Though you don't really believe in what you see
So you just want me around because I'm lovely
I think that maybe it's time for me to leave (oh leave)

You don't really love me and you don’t really need me
I've got to make a move
And I don’t believe you when you say that you need me
I think that you have proved

Verse 2
It sounds like you planned it, you seemed to know when I was low
We all know what that means, it means it's time for you to go

Repeat Pre Chorus

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: I Heart U (Expanded)
I Heart U
(John von Ahlen)

Verse 1
So we try to solve the puzzle
Recreate it in our minds
When did things become so scary
Are we really flying blind

Pre Chorus 1
I can hear the calculator try, try, try
Undergoing calculations my, my, my

Are you feeling me, please believe in me,
I heart U and I want U 2
Are you feeling it, please believe in me
I heart U and I want U 2
Don't know anyone, don’t know anyone
Are you feeling it?
Please believe in me baby!

Verse 2
Now that things are getting better..
And the rain is far behind
We can dream about the future
Making real what is on our mind..

Pre Chorus 2
Lover filter oscillator yeah, yeah, yeah
Do you want to shut me down, I say no, no, no, no, no

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: You And Me Both (Expanded)
You And Me Both
(John von Ahlen)

Verse 1
I push the buttons, again and again
You and me both, is etched in my brain
If you want, I'll play it again
We take a walk, down memory lane

We take a trip, you know what it means
When we're electric, inside our dreams
We make our fun, wherever we can
We went to London, to see a band

Pre Chorus
When you're out like that, wonderful
You see the lights, beautiful
You ask me why, and in return
I tell you

This was meant to be
Only you and me
Baby please don’t go
Cos I'd miss you so

Verse 2
A celebration, we painted it black
I had to listen, when you turned your back
I know it’s wrong, we don’t use guitars
but that's what turned us into superstars

We went to Paris, for only a day
And then returned to see Alison play
Our trip was short, but the memory's great
It was a freak out like a Jupiter 8

Repeat Pre Chorus

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: X Minus One (Expanded)
X Minus One
(John von Ahlen)

X Minus One means that we've lost the fun
I just need someone tonight
If you believe in love
Then just believe in love tonight

Verse 1
I caught the tube and saw you in the back row
Neon glasses, funny how time passes
I touch your hand, hoping for a smile
We connect, and then go wild
Time has changed us, also rearranged us
Brought us closer, maybe for the better
When you talk to me, I feel like I believe


Verse 2
We were on the path of least resistance
Total strangers always kept our distance
But that changed when I touched your hand
We're together, hopefully forever
Now I notice something in your eyes
You told me something, caught me by surprise
Life on your own and now I'm coming home!


Middle 8
Whose laughing now?
If I'm not sorry now, It's cos I don't know how
Track Name: Underground (Expanded)
(John von Ahlen)

Verse 1
We travel the night
To listen to all the things you fear
We go bump in the night
Cos you fear the black inside

Pre Chorus
So we arrive, dream over night
On a silent distant light
If we perceive and you believe
Then we stay hidden in the night

In the day light
We feel all right
Till the sundown
Then we dig 10 feet Underground

Verse 2
Like angels in flight
We travel the night in search of you
We know what you feel
Of course we know how to make it real

Repeat Pre Chorus

Repeat Chorus

Middle 8
It feels paradise
Yeah, when we get it right

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: We Believe In Electric Love (Improvisation)
We Believe In Electric Love
(John von Ahlen)

Verse 1
Nobody can understand me like you do
Maybe if I hold you I can become you
Engineered for love, in all the right places
Knowing that the force of love may replace us

Pre Chorus
But there is a place
Made just for the human race
Where our love can grow
Electrical is the way to go!

We believe in electric love
Free for me, for you, and for all of us

Verse 2
I stand beyond the mount of Olympus
Feeling the grains of sand shift beneath us
I create a crystal palace from nothing
I forget that oxygen is for breathing
Track Name: Factory Friends (Expanded)
Factory Friends
(John von Ahlen)

Verse 1
Everybody was so quiet, everybody slept now for a while
You could almost see them crying, see them dancing in the summer rain
I told her little secrets while I gently wiped the tears from her eyes
I made a promise standing, I told her that I'd stay by her side

Pre Chorus
Five nights alone
(In the twilight we are silent and defiant)
Come take me home
(We are fighting for our lives and we don't want the Factory)

Jumping up and down we want to reunite
But in silence we can only see the night
Did they find us?
Guess that we will soon find out!
Our Factory Friends only want to set things right

Verse 2
We heard the horror stories
We knew that something bad was on
We never realised that we might be singing our last song
We saw the factory and we knew that we would not survive
So many robots leaving and yet not one of them could cry

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: The End of Summer (Expanded)
The End Of Summer
(John von Ahlen)

Verse 1
And now you're standing in the rain
You feel anger - I feel pain
I never wanted you to go,
But we both know it must be so

Pre Chorus 1
We are lovers, we are friends
We stay together till the end
And so we realise at last
We're not alone, alone, alone

The end of summer (you know I’ll miss you so)
The end of summer (why do you have to go)
The end of summer (please stay for one more day)
The end of summer (don’t break my heart again)

Verse 2
We met under a silver moon
The Wormwood flowers still in bloom
We tasted many things that day
We'll take our secrets far away

Pre Chorus 2
We are lovers, we are friends
We stay together till the end
And so we realise at last
We're not alone, alone, alone

Repeat Chorus

Middle 8
You know I'll miss you so
Why do you have to go?
Please for stay for one more day
Don’t break my heart again

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Should Not Be (Expanded)
Should Not Be
(John von Ahlen)

Verse 1
We all dream about the future
No one knows what lies ahead
Do you remember the children playing
That was us not so long ago

Pre Chorus 1
Do you believe that love can save us?
Just be courageous,
Ignore the things that shouldn’t be

But I don’t mind, it's okay
No I don’t mind, everything’s okay

Verse 2
And so we follow in the footsteps
Of the ones who came before
Hollow echoes in the distance
A bleak of reminder of what may come to pass

Pre Chorus 2
All around us we see the changes
But we are blameless
Can someone save us?

Repeat Chorus

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