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"Aeronaut" by Parralox marks a new era for the Melbourne based electronic pop act who are moving in excitingly new brighter directions in lead up to their new album.

Having received elevated acclaim in international club culture with their epic dance cover of Radiohead's classic "Creep" and in the pop music blogoshpere by MTV Buzzworthy, LOGO, Perez Hilton, Elektro Magazine, Popjustice, EQ Music, Cold War Nightlife and Arjan Writes, it's evident that the Parralox sound continues to resonate deeply into the fabric of the popular music landscape supported by regular radio rotation on Gaydio, This Is Electric and Joy 949 in Melbourne.

The music video for "Aeronaut" is a follow-up visual collaboration between Creative Director, John lbrahim and John von Ahlen after working together on the critically-acclaimed visual "Aeronaut", a cover of the famous song by The Alan Parsons Project. After endless cups of coffee and many late nights in John Ibrahim's atelier in Paris, a vision for the clip started to slowly emerge. Almost post-apocalyptic in vision, the "Aeronaut" video captures the essence of reflection, observation and introspection set against the breathtakingly beautiful backdrop of Paris.
Locations for the music video for "Aeronaut" include Hôtel DeVille, Musée du Louvre, Jardin des Tuileries, Pont Alexandre III, Petit Palais & Les Invalides.

Parralox recently opened for Erasure on their widely successful "Violet Flame World Tour" where new female vocalists Johanna Gervin and Francine debuted a brand new live show. Parralox also remixed Erasure's latest singles "Under The Wave" and "Reason" which were released on Mute Records.

"Parralox's previous single "Crying On The Dancefloor" featuring Francine reached a peak position of number 6 on the UK Music Week Commercial Pop Club Chart in September 2014 and "Sharper Than A Knife" saw the band score a number 22 position in the UK Upfront Club Charts in 2013.

The digital download of "Aeronaut" will be released worldwide on April 3rd on all leading online retailers including iTunes and Amazon. The EP features new remixes from Rich B & Phil Marriott, Mi Disguise, Vile Electrodes and dance remixes from John von Ahlen.

Parralox are available for email, phone and Skype interviews.

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released April 3, 2015

Produced by John von Ahlen
Engineered by Juan del Toro
Vocals by John von Ahlen
Backing vocals by Johanna Gervin
Graphic Design - John von Ahlen

Recorded at Subterrane Studio, Melbourne, Australia.

© 2015 Tunecore Publishing
℗ 2015 Subterrane Records

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Parralox Melbourne, Australia

If ever there was a new electronic pop band to encapsulate and emulate the legendary stylings of Depeche Mode, The Human League, Erasure, New Order, Pet Shop Boys and the spirit of Madonna in her 80s day-glo era, then Australia’s Parralox are that modern-day reincarnation. ... more

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Track Name: Do You Feel What I Feel?
Do You Feel What I Feel
(John von Ahlen)
Verse 1
Fear, there's always some regret
Now, what you see is what you get

Pre Chorus
I turn around and push the feeling down
There's always something more to regret
Shame, a game you cannot win

Do you feel what I feel?
You could make a move sometime
What I feel is surreal
Come on make a move sometime

Verse 2
Why is there a fear of the unknown?
Life is too short to be alone

Repeat Pre Chorus

Final Chorus
Do you feel what I feel?
You could make a move sometime
(I'm feeling something reeling)
What I feel is surreal
Come on make a move sometime
(I'm feeling something real)
Track Name: Solid State
Solid State
(John von Ahlen)

Verse 1
Make believe, you achieve, they observe and I receive
Signals from a foreign place, lines across a strangers face
Time to learn, time to burn, more is less or so I’ve heard
Don’t believe what strangers say unless they tell you it’s OK

Verse 2
See the girl in the room, she can watch the flower bloom
I believe in loyalty, a broken trust then penalty
Moving fast, moving slow, if you lead then I will go
Change the pace, change your face, you will never win the race

We love the Science Fiction
This is an addiction
We love the drum machines
We synthesize the beat
We got the feeling

Verse 3
This is life, this is fun, kisses from my only one
In my head and in my dreams I never knew you so it seems
This is my identify, living fast and living free
Please don’t tell me what to do, I know the score, I know the rules

Verse 4
Standing still, running fast, moving to avoid the past
Pressure from the government, or leisure at my own repent
Black is black, red is blue, all I know and all I knew
Hold my hand and hold me tight, your perfect love is out of sight
Track Name: Companion
Parralox - Companion
(John von Ahlen)

Verse 1
We travel together, we made it last just like forever
In secret, in silence, my companion so reliant
Some people wish it, to travel far, and there you are!
Just like my life before, regenerate, now it's too late...

Don't forget me Sarah (x 6)

Verse 2
My Sarah, I left you like so many since I met you
But I came back like a hurricane, I knew your feelings, they had stayed the same
The future listens, I know it well. It's calling you
We traveled very far, eternity for you and me....

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Mystery
(John von Ahlen)

Verse 1
I close my eyes
And hope to find a paradise
The endless night
A bird in flight
Don't analyse

Pre Chorus
This could be another perfect dream
So please don't wake me
Could this be real
Maybe now I can take what I found
And turn the magic into something real

It's a mystery
Don't you see
We're the people who make believe
It's a miracle we can survive
Until the end of time
For the people who know the truth
And the one's who feel there's no use
I can only tell you to be strong
We'll make it in the end

Verse 2
A fragile mind
Will justify the reason why
But please be kind
They know not why they follow blind
Track Name: Somebody II
Somebody II
(John von Ahlen)

Verse 1
Life is the great decider
And life is the great divider
Life is what you get when all else fails

Pre Chorus
Maybe there's more than meets the eye
Could be the reason why I lie

Somebody's waiting for me
Is there somebody out there for me?
Somebody's waiting for me
Is there someone to make me believe?

Verse 2
Life is the great decider
And life is the great divider
Life is what you get when hope it fades

I don't live in the moment, I live on the timeline
Things always seemed different to me
I saw things that others didn't see
I could look at a face and see the whole life in a second, stretched out in front of me
Like a road map, like a road
From the very first step to the very last breath
From the face of a child to the final words of an old man
It's all there in the blink of an eye
Terrible and fixed forever, fixed forever
Forever, forever
Track Name: Together
(John von Ahlen)
Verse 1
Do you believe in higher love?
Give what you can, whatever may come

Pre Chorus 1
Can you hear me
Calling your name?
Move me closer
Take me all the way

Together again, right till the end
Oh yeah!
Together again, right till the end
Oh yeah!

Together forever, oh yeah!
Together forever, oh yeah!

Verse 2
So wonderful, together we stand
But who can say what tomorrow has planned?

Repeat Pre Chorus

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Atmosphere
(John von Ahlen)

Come with me have no fear
Close your eyes
We can live forever

Verse 1
Burning bright
In the night
You're a mystery
Will you come for me now
Do you feel alone
When all hope has gone
I am here for you
I'm here for you

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
Runaway will you stay
You are like a dream
Have you come for me now
When you change your mind
You will realise
I am what you need
I'm what you need

Repeat Chorus

Don't feel so hopeless on your own
You'll see that dreams will soon become
Don't be the one that's fallen down
You'll see that dreams will come around
Track Name: Wrong or Right
Wrong Or Right
(John von Ahlen)

Verse 1
I feel, feel for you
I scream for the truth
I run for my life
I pass on the truth

Pre Chorus
Is it wrong or right
To take what's yours and mine

I take what I want to take
And give what I want to give
It's not that I'm wrong or right
It's just how I choose to live
I hate who I want to hate
And love who I want to love
It's not that I'm wrong or right
It's just how I feel tonight

Verse 2
I make a harder choice
Suppress my silent voice
Too long did I hide
Tonight I arrive
Track Name: Wildlife
(John von Ahlen)

Fall in love with the night
Don't let the sun burn your eyes
We are young and alive
We are wildlife

Verse 1
We all feel the same, but still we hide
To the front we push the fear aside
Falling faster into light
I won't let you go
Oh no no

Pre Chorus 1
Fall in love again
Feel the passion and the pain
Give your heart to a friend
Could be worth it in the end

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
See the life in our eyes
Forever young and despised
But we don't compromise
Forever young and alive

Pre Chorus 2
Together we fall apart
Right from the start

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Miranda
(John von Ahlen)
Verse 1
Step by step I watch her climb
Take this mortal to the sky

Darling don't leave me now
All I can think of is you
Still wearing a Diamond Watch
Knowing the Red Cloud has you

Miranda, Miranda!

Verse 2
Please don't take her, she's Divine
Somewhat vacant, but so sublime

Repeat Prechorus
Repeat Chorus

Middle 8
Please stay with me, please hear my prayer
St Christopher, don't go to far
A wondrous place, we shall escape
St Valentine, will you be mine?

Repeat Pre Chorus

Final Chorus
Miranda (Please don't take this love away)
Miranda (She will return another day!)
Track Name: Zero
(John von Ahlen)

Heard. Know. Better.
Carried. Earth. Special.

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